Here at Calvary Baptist, we believe that worship is of the highest importance! Worship is more than just a song service or a time frame in which we come together at church. True worship is a lifestyle that is connected to the only One worth worshipping, God. In our Sunday services, we worship God through singing, serving, giving, and hearing the Word of God preached, but our worship on Sunday should not stop when we leave the doors. Our desire at Calvary is that you worship God every day of the week. We want you to get connected to Christ and stay connected with Him throughout your whole life. Our church is not a place to come and "worship" and leave unchanged. We want people to come ready to worship God on Sunday and get closely connected to Christ and to do the same thing every other day of the week. Everything that we do at Calvary has this overarching goal in mind, that we would get connected to Christ our Savior and that He would be glorified above all else in our lives.


When God created Adam on the sixth day, He made it clear that it was "not good" for man to be alone. Adam needed a companion, a helper, and a friend. He needed someone that was like him, but someone who could help him in his walk before God. Eve was created and not only was she designed to help Adam, but Adam was there to help her. This was God's design. He created mankind in community. It is not a good thing for people to go through life alone. God knows that, and He made the church a place where people could come together and grow in Christ. Friendship, accountability, encouragement, and discipleship are just some of the things that the church is called to be a part of in the New Testament.

Here at Calvary, we hope you find a welcoming community that is passionately committed to following Christ, but not in a fake way. We are all real people that have real problems. Life is messy and so is unity, but life is worth living and unity worth pursuing. We have no perfect members at our church, and that's okay. God wants to meet each of us where we are, but He does not want us to stay there. The Lord is working on each one of us, and by His grace, we will grow into the likeness of Christ more and more each day. The Bible says that this is impossible to do on your own. Each follower of Christ also needs His body, the church. We hope you find a healthy one here at Calvary!


At Calvary Baptist, we want to be living out the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20)! Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He left instructions to those who followed Him. He wanted people to make disciples in every corner of the globe. He wanted them to teach the things that He taught concerning Himself. He wanted His followers to spread the good news of the gospel. He promised His presence to be with them until the end of the age. His followers did just that! The gospel spread from Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria, to the uttermost parts of the world. Many of His followers were persecuted, tortured and martyred for their faith, but because of their faithfulness, we have the Word of God and their testimony.

The same call is extended to us in Matthew 28. God has given us a job to do. He wants us to take the good news of the gospel to a lost and dying world. We try to do that here at Calvary in a number of different ways. We believe every follower of Christ should be doing this in their personal lives, but there are ways in which we come together to try to share the gospel with our community and our world. Every year we do different outreach events in our community like VBS, and Trunk OR Treat. We are always exctied to try new and different things to reach the lost. We also support many missionaries around the globe. Stop by sometime and see how you can be a part of connecting others with Christ in our community and around the world!