Let's be honest, life can be messy! We face seasons of life that are really difficult for us. Sometimes it is hard to understand why God would allow certain things to happen. You may find yourself asking the question, "Why?" a lot. Why have I lost my job? Why did I lose my loved one? Why is my marriage so strained? Why do I continue to fall into the same sin over and over again? Why am I so overwhelmed? Or maybe you are contemplating the questions of life like, "why am I here? Is there any purpose in life?"

These are all questions that challenge our day to day living. One of the greatest ways to get some answers to these questions is to have someone walk beside you through your challenges and show you from the Word of God how to answer some of these questions and cause you to consider other questions you might want to start asking like, "What do you want me to learn through this God?"

Life is a mess, but God wants to display your mess as His masterpiece. Here at Calvary Baptist Church, we have two pastors that would love to give you hope for the future. They would love to show you what your masterpiece can look like and they will counsel you on how to take the steps through the mess as you get closer to Christ.


Pastor Tim Tucker

Pastor Tucker has been our Lead Pastor since November of 2016. Before pastoring at Calvary, Pastor Tucker was the lead pastor of a church in Pennsylvania for 11 years and he served as a missionary to Togo, West Africa for 18 years. Pastor and his wife, Lorna, have been married for 40 years and have three children who are grown and serving the Lord in different ways. Pastor Tucker went home to be with His Savior on July 28th, 2020. Please keep his family in your prayers. [email protected]

Pastor Greg East

Pastor Greg has been our Associate Pastor at Calvary since March of 2012. Pastor Greg graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA. He met his wife, Hannah, at college. They were married in 2011 and now they have two children, Grace & Titus. Pastor Greg is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, he did not learn how to ride a bike until he was 21, and he loves playing nerdy board games. Please pray for Pastor Greg as he is serving as the interim pastor amidst the loss of Pastor Tucker.
[email protected]